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Get That Curb Appeal

Get That Curb Appeal

During summer months when gardens are in full bloom and the sun is shining filling yards and rooms with natural light, curb appeal is not usually a big issue for home owners. BUT, when gorgeous green manicured lawns turn white and the tens of thousands spent on natural stone is covered with ice, things can become a little trickier. So here are a few tips and tricks that can help make your home look gorgeous no matter the season!

  1. First and foremost Don’t forget to clear the walkway. This is crucial not only from a safety and insurance perspective but also to give potential buyers a true sense of the size of your property.. 
  2. Add height and texture. Speak to your local garden shop or call me for a list of experts I work with and experiment with hardy grasses that are known to survive our sometimes harsh winters. Also,make sure the front door is in good condition and a focal point with a large wreath or a colorful ribbon. 
  3. Re-purpose and Dress up! Use your existing urns, pots or even a bird baths and fill them with seasonal decorations, glittery twigs and greenery. Anything that will provide that pop of needed colour on a dreary day. Furthermore, don’t leave your beautiful patio set covered up with an old tarp in the yard! Unveil it if your patio furniture is all weather set it up so buyers can envision what it will be like living in your outdoor oasis. 
  4. Lighting is essential. During the winter month darkness falls upon us much earlier, so buyers will often be viewing your home after dark. A couple of well positioned spot lights highlighting the best features of your home, will do wonders! This is a relatively inexpensive way to really dress up your home.

5 Leave out shots of warmer days. Some buyers truly can’t see beyond the frost to see the trees, so leave out some of your favorite summer photos to allow buyers to see how beautiful your gardens are in full bloom!

These are just a few quick tips that can help improve your curb appeal this winter. For more information contact me at and I would be happy to discuss how best help you get your home SOLD! this winter.